New SH1FT Classes Now Available   This month, we’ve added 9 new workouts from SH1FT to their Functional HIIT Series. These workouts include Pilates, HIIT Cardio and Post Workout Stretches. The 9 new classes brings the total to 24 virtual fitness class options.   Preview SH1FT Cardio #6 below. Beat the buzzer on a 3-pointer […]

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FitnessOnDemand’s Senior Leadership has Sharpened Focus on Technology FitnessOnDemand’s senior leadership, Uday Anumalachetty and Andrew Evenson, recently talked with the Star Tribune about the future of FOD, trends in virtual fitness, and our sharpened focus on technology and operational excellence. “You have the infrastructure now to experience the virtual world the way it should be […]

Virtual Fitness Customer Experience: 3 Reasons Why This month, 3 Reasons Why, our regular feature on the faces behind the names at FOD, checks in with Beth Kahny, Customer Experience Manager.   Q: What does a Customer Experience Manager do, Beth? A: Where do I begin? Not every company has a Customer Experience Manager, but […]

Trial and No Error: How On-Demand Classes Grow Member Participation   Fitness clubs can be an intimidating place for some. Whether you are recovering from an injury, working on losing some extra weight or interested in learning new ways to exercise, many members do not feel comfortable and are simply not ready for a busy […]

Happy, healthy and holistic: Help guests exercise smarter, relax better with tech. Wellness is an important part of the modern hotel experience. Hotels of all kinds are offering guests wellness-focused amenities during their stay. And, like most things today, this experience can be augmented by the right technology. Guest experience must be achieved throughout the hotel […]

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MEGAMACE Premium Workouts Available Now P90X Director and Producer Brings New Workouts to FOD You want to lose weight, gain muscle and look your best. But you want something different. You want to be motivated. You want exceptional trainers, workouts, and content. That’s what MEGAMACE delivers. Mason Bendewald Directed and Produced the groundbreaking P90X Fitness […]

  Re-Energizing and Engaging Members During Warm Weather Months   Poor weather such as rain or snow forces club members to stay indoors. Gyms are busy and group fitness classes may have wait lists. This is also true during the holidays and the beginning of a new year when everyone is looking to break their […]

  In the Spotlight with Virtual Fitness Coach Will Brereton, SH1FT. A regular look at the global trend-shapers and experts that help FitnessOnDemand keep our customers on the front edge of what’s happening in fitness. This month, international fitness star Will Brereton, Creative Director, Founder SH1FT. Q1: SH1FT has become an international, leading fitness brand, […]