Virtual Fitness Customer Experience: 3 Reasons Why with Beth Kahny

Virtual Fitness Customer Experience: 3 Reasons Why

This month, 3 Reasons Why, our regular feature on the faces behind the names at FOD, checks in with Beth Kahny, Customer Experience Manager.


Q: What does a Customer Experience Manager do, Beth?

A: Where do I begin? Not every company has a Customer Experience Manager, but for us it’s critically important. Customer experience isn’t just about selling a product and providing support if a problem arises. For us excellent customer experience is ongoing support and total partnership. Working with our customers to help them get the most out of our fitness content delivery platform from initial install to understanding their ongoing data usage numbers.

Q: Tell us more about how a typical new client works with you and your team

 A:  We have a rigorous onboarding program for new customers that includes complete orientation and explanation of how our platform and technology works for your business and your customers. I’ll give you an example. A typical gym or club has a 50 percent member turnover rate across the industry. So, member engagement and involvement are the lifeblood of the club. We help our gym customers find the perfect system installation partner if they need it and consult with them on selecting the kinds of classes and content to engage all members from novice to enthusiast.

Q: What does ongoing support and partnership look like for a FitnessOnDemand customer?

A:  It can be many things. But mostly our customers benefit from having an expert in their corner. We analyze usage data to show them which content is working best with different types of member. We can help them automate virtual classes, optimizing the schedule of their virtual content and their live instructor classes for maximum efficiency. And by working as a long-term partner we can bring them new content trends from our producing partners around the world – ways to keep content fresh and always appealing to membership.


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