3 Reasons Why: Marina Rodriguez

3 Reasons Why: Marina Rodriguez

In our regular series of the faces behind the FitnessOnDemand name, 3 Reasons Why spotlights Marina Rodriguez, Customer Success Manager, the newest member of our growing team!


How did you first get into the fitness industry, Marina?

I’ve always loved being active. When I was young that, of course, meant dance. I started at age ten, competed everywhere, and went on to win several national championships titles. Like many athletes, I probably would have kept going if it hadn’t been for injury – which introduced me to fitness in the form of rehab. From there, I’ve continued my experience in rehabilitation and built health and wellness into my everyday life where it offered a sense of achievement through progress and goal attainment, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.


What’s the best part about your job as a customer success manager?

I have always been in a customer-facing role with my career, but I love our focus at FitnessOnDemand. I’m not a customer service agent or representative or an account manager – I’m a customer success manager. And that says it all. I – and my colleagues – aren’t doing our jobs for ourselves, we’re focused exclusively on the needs of customers. The questions we ask everyday are  things like “how is it going”, “what can we do to help you get even more out of our content and products” and “tell us what we can do better.” In other words, we’re constantly looking for ways to offer better products, content and services but in ways that make actual and real differences to people’s businesses and bottom lines. My favorite part of the job is meeting all kinds of fitness industry businesses and working closely with every one of them to help them bring the best fitness classes, technology experiences and motivation to their members and users. It’s different every single day.


What surprises you about FitnessOnDemand customers?

The constant ingenuity and inventiveness has to be top of the list. The entire industry has changed dramatically in just the past few years, and I’m always amazed at the ideas and customers bring up whenever we check in. Some customers are using Fitness OnDemand’s streaming capabilities in their multi-family buildings to reach their residents with all kinds of helpful, engaging content. So yes, they’ll make our instructor-led classes and wellness content available, but on the same platform host and stream things like how-to simple maintenance sessions or cook-along events with local restaurant chefs. Others are holding building-wide fitness challenges that people can do from the comfort of their own homes, while also taking part in the fun and feeling part of the community around them.


Is there any piece of advice you would give to anyone new to FitnessOnDemand?

Absolutely. The first must-do is accessing the customer portal on FitnessOnDemand. It can be easy and tempting to jump straight to our library and start looking at everything you want to offer your users, but taking this step will really help. There are all kinds of ideas for how to engage residents or club members and a lot of marketing tools to help you introduce your FOD system, classes, and other offerings more easily. Lastly, I’d say reach out to people like me, your customer success manager. We want to be involved with your business. And we’re here to help you meet every goal.


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