3 tips to get the most out of new FLEX by FitnessOnDemand

3 tips to get the most out of new FLEX by FitnessOnDemand

Working out and living well shouldn’t stop when members leave their club or fitness facility. It’s the reason we designed, developed and launched the latest version of FLEX, our 360-degree fitness experience app that helps clubs and fitness providers connect with members wherever they go and choose to work out. If you’re not familiar with FLEX, or want to learn what’s new with our app, read on.


Use content plus customization features to elevate fitness journeys

FLEX gives clubs an instant, mobile library of more than 1,000 high-engagement, empowering workouts and specialty classes from the world’s leading instructors plus curated content of emerging fitness trends and boutique brands. But it’s so much more than a one-click content shop. 

New features include the ability for: 

  • Fitness operators to stream classes and live events
  • Offer personalized coaching for tailored workouts and training programs 
  • Real time fitness tracking for users to compare goals with progress and stay motivated and engaged
  • Seamless social connectivity, making it simple for every user to share data and content with friends and other members.



Engage and empower members with ready-made challenges

A little healthy competition goes a long way to building community among members or users of your facility. FLEX comes complete with ready-made challenges for your team to engage and motivate members or other users. Any fitness operator can simply create and easily run challenges for users. The app includes default settings for readymade challenges or clubs or the ability to create and customize your own event. Simply name the challenge, write a short description and choose milestones like number of steps or miles achieved. Users are rewarded with points for achievements which are shown on the leaderboard.


Keep Members and users connected with your brand

Just because your members or users are working out away from home shouldn’t mean they forget about your club. New FLEX features make always-on connection easy and simple for clubs. The app comes with simple settings to add your club or facility’s brand, logo and color palette for familiarity every time a member clicks to open. Use notifications functionality to

issue date-based notifications for events, sign up deadlines, to notify users about milestones achieved, or promote upcoming events. FLEX also more thoroughly engages members through a short survey during onboarding which then creates customized workout journeys, suggests different daily workouts, and allows them to automatically track and report progress.


For more help with, or information about, FLEX by FitnessOnDemand contact our team today.

Sales Webinar-Sept. 28 2023