4 Ways to get the most of your Circuit365 Content

Variety keeps life – and workouts – interesting. It’s the reason we introduced Circuit365 – our daily content package of 90 different circuits, each with eight different exercise stations for your club members to rotate through each day. If you’re not using Circuits in your club, or want to make it work even harder engaging members for you, here’s what you need to know.


Locate Circuits centrally for member access

Circuit365 works fine in a dedicated group fitness studio, but bringing it out into multi-functional workout spaces makes it an easy add to member’s daily workouts as they warm up and stretch. Some members can be intimated or put off from going into a studio space for a workout. But running Circuit365’s daily, automated loop of exercises of short form workouts on a display in your free weights or stretch area is a good idea to increase member access, usage and familiarity with the content program.



Promote Circuits as an easy daily to-do

Club members can get in a rut with their routine. They show up, change and do their same class, workout or sets of reps over and over. Make your class instructors and personal trainers your advocates of change to encourage new activities and keep coming to the club fresh. Have trainers incorporate Circuit365 content into their recommended workout plans for clients. Encourage instructors to promote daily short form circuits as an easy warm up and strength conditioning tool. And make sure to regularly feature Circuit365 content and tips on your website, app and social channels.


Conduct occasional reviews and consider content timing

The Circuit365 portfolio runs on current FitnessOnDemand hardware platforms and really requires little more maintenance than a club operator flipping the switch each day. But it’s a good idea to review circuits content from time to time and ensure everything looks good. There may be opportunities too for timing types of daily circuits with member interests and activities. Lower body strength training during peak marathon and cycling seasons, for instance. Or core strength and flexibility workouts for your club’s older members.


Involve your instructors

Circuit365 runs great by itself with no instructor intervention. But consider running occasional instructor-led circuits to help familiarize members with the concept and provide additional guidance. A single instructor can be on hand to help with form feedback while up to eight members are performing different movements. The Circuit365 program will still do the heavy lifting providing the basic exercise instruction, timer and other visual cues, leaving your instructor more free to focus on individual form and engaging the members.


Contact your FOD Customer Success Advisor for more information on Circuits365.