Adding atmosphere and engagement with new ATMOSPHERE TV

Adding atmosphere and engagement with new ATMOSPHERE TV

A dead, inactive, screen in your club is a missed opportunity with every member who passes by. A lost chance to promote new studio classes, special offers in the spa or new on-demand content for members to try. But thanks to Atmosphere TV, a new integration within FitnessOnDemand that provides automated engaging visuals as well as your own club promotions, missing those opportunities is a thing of the past.



Entertain and engage in every space in the club

Atmosphere TV includes two channels of high-engagement content – the Wellness Channel and Sports News. It’s simple to play pre-packaged Atmosphere content and integrate it with your own club promotions and news, or toggle back to FitnessOnDemand classes and workouts within your library. Automated playback means any screen from inactive studio panels to displays around the club can carry content to entertain and engage any member wherever they are on-site. In the spa or recovery areas that might mean Wellness Channel serene nature scenes, rejuvenating yoga flows, mindfulness exercises, wellness trivia, nutrition tips, or prepared wellness news. Or as members come and go in the lobby, perhaps Sports News that keeps everyone abreast of the latest games highlights, news and behind-the-scenes stories.


Easy, automated content with zero effort

Atmosphere content is entirely automated for maximum results and minimal effort. Any idle screen can be plugged in to display Atmosphere content packages that each play for four minutes followed by a :30 second promotional slot for your specific club news or FOD content, then a :30 second advertisement, before returning to Atmosphere. Ads avoid any sensitive, political or content from other clubs or fitness brands.


Simple set-up and easy playback options

There’s nothing more off putting to a member than a black screen. Members often wonder if that means the screen isn’t working or is powered off? But playing automated Atmosphere content on your dedicated studio screens and workout displays around the club keeps screens active and engaging. While wellness or sports news content plays, the screen will also display a FitnessOnDemand logo and call to action that any member can select at any time to search and start a class or workout. When they’re done, Atmosphere content will pick up where it left off, switching back to the next series of mindfulness exercises, wellness tips, nutrition advice and news – all of which are designed to create intriguing, entertaining experiences for every member.


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Sales Webinar-Sept. 28 2023