In the Spotlight: Anytime Fitness, North Boise

In the Spotlight: Anytime Fitness, North Boise

In the Spotlight: Anytime Fitness, North Boise

This month, In the Spotlight heads to Boise, Idaho to check in with Kirstyn McKay, co-owner of Anytime Fitness in North Boise, ID.


Give us the background on Anytime Fitness Boise if you would Kristyn

Absolutely! Well, I’ve been a co-owner of the club along with my husband Scott for the past three years or so and, like all clubs, it’s a lot of work, but we absolutely love it. I was actually the 11th person to sign up as a member when the club opened and became good friends with Jeremy, the former owner. When he decided it was time for a new challenge, it just seemed like an amazing opportunity. Both Scott and I had been in corporate careers for a long time and also felt we wanted to change things up. Especially me: in my last role the outbreak of covid and subsequent countrywide lockdowns had kept us apart for the better part of a year and a half while I was in Australia with work.



What makes your club stand out for members?

We’re located on the edge of downtown Boise but in an old neighborhood that’s super walkable and a real community. Our members are a mix of downtown workers but also a lot of folks from the neighborhood who see us as a place to connect with friends as much as work out. Most of them are looking to stay fit and healthy for the other fun outdoor stuff they do, like backpacking, hiking, climbing and mountain biking, all of which is easy and close to Boise. We’re not a club where people are working out 24/7 and super competitive like people were in the early 2000s but that doesn’t mean our members aren’t passionate about all of our services, classes and other offerings.


How did you first get introduced to FitnessOnDemand?

We met FOD at a conference in Dallas and the timing was perfect. We were looking to move on from another on-demand content provider and find a partner with much broader and diverse content, better support for our club and where we didn’t keep having to replace constantly outdated technology. FOD has been great in all of those respects and our members are loving it.


How are members using FitnessOnDemand?

In all kinds of ways. Our neighborhood has a high number of young retirees – mid 50s professionals who want to stay in shape. From, I’d say 9:30 am to 11:30 am most mornings this group, in particular, are very active with FOD’s yoga, kickboxing and Pilates classes. We’ve also noticed that more of our male members are engaged with on-demand classes too. One other thing we like about FitnessOnDemand is that there are a large number of online classes from all kinds of experienced pro trainers, including men, and that’s attractive to some of our members. That’s not to say our women’s classes are any less busy, of course!


What’s next for your team?

We still feel like we just started at Anytime Fitness, so we’re working hard to continually improve every offering from classes to amenities to the club environment. Our part time manager just became full time and also a partner in the club, so we’re busy getting him more fully integrated and discussing what that will bring to club management. We’re listening to members too about what they want – more multi-functional spaces, so we’re upgrading and adapting our floor plan with more mirrors in open floor areas for workouts and spaces for members to use their phone and FOD apps to follow their own classes and workouts as they please. It’s an exciting time for us and we know our membership too.



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