Circuits Bring New Life to Studio Display Downtimes

Circuits Bring New Life to Fitness Studio Display Downtimes

Looking for new ways to engage members and bring your studio FitnessOnDemand screen to life during off-peak hours or unused times? Meet Circuit365, a curated library of 90 different fitness workout circuits each with eight separate exercise stations that add fresh, high visibility workout content to your displays every day, encouraging members to add to their workouts.


The Circuit365 portfolio features 90 circuits, each comprising eight individual exercise stations. Club members can jump into a circuit with any one of the eight onscreen exercises to get started and work their way through the day’s circuit in any order. Each exercise station is at one minute intervals with a :30 second break between. Users can stop with one circuit or complete multiple laps for a longer workout.


Circuit365 is also simple to use for fitness club operators. Managers simply enable the feature and a new circuit of the day auto-plays any time a club’s FitnessOnDemand studio display is dormant, providing another way to help members become familiar with on-demand fitness content and offerings. The content program runs on all current, up to date, FitnessOnDemand platforms and products and is available immediately. Contact your support specialist for more information or assistance with setting up Circuits in your facility.