Early Resolutions for Future Fitness Success in 2022

Early Resolutions for Future Fitness Success in 2022

Early Resolutions for Future Fitness Success in 2022

Studies show that the bold resolutions we all make after the champagne corks have popped actually fizzle fast. In fact, by mid-February more than 80 percent are failed, distant memories. Among them and high on most lists – work out more, get fit, lose weight. The old favorites. Part of the reason for resolution relapse can be new year “fatigue” – a feeling that, after the flurry of January, we’re done with making so many new decisions so soon in the year. The answer? Start now with resolutions to avoid fitness fails in the New Year.


Plan Now and Double Dip

Drawing up plans now for new fitness goals, classes to try and ways to stay healthy and fit in January can have two positive benefits right away. Registering now before the crush of holiday-guilt-induced membership sign ups at the club or flood of new class members in January, can help you beat the rush and reserve a place in every class you want to try. Focus too right now on creating healthy eating plans and creating a new exercise schedule and you’ll both get in the groove before the New Year and tackle things like holiday party weight gain and the temptations of the couch on a cold night.


Try Now, Do Later

If you can’t decide on a new class or a new challenge for the New Year right now, the downtime around the holidays when many of us are home from work more, can be an excellent time to test the waters of new activities. If your club membership offers at-home, on-demand content and/or streaming classes, make use of your additional free time to try an HIIT class, work on yoga or Pilates, a specialty dance fitness class or equipment-based workout if you have a stationary bike or treadmill at home. Dipping a toe in the water helps you get a feel for the energy demands, technique requirements of a class or activity as well as determine if it’s actually fun before you join a live in-club class and have to perform in prime time.


Add an Exercise Ask to your Wish List

If you celebrate Christmas, sneak an exercise ask into conversations with family or loved ones. Hinting a new yoga mat, some winter-friendly running shoes or a new outfit for class would be much appreciated gifts could bring extra incentive when they land under the tree. Looking good and feeling properly equipped when you turn up to class, workout at home or hit the road for a run can create much needed motivation and give your winter workouts a real boost.


Rest and Recharge for Resolution Season

Thinking now about January workouts can also get you into some good habits and on the road to resolution success. Your top three check boxes need to include: 1) plenty of sleep. Seven or eight hours a night in a cool 65 degree room with black out shades or an eye mask will help your body recover from exercise, fight off winter infections and restock energy supplies. 2) Hydrate! A glass or two of eggnog is fun, but try and get around eight 8oz glasses of water a day. You’ll feel less hungry and tempted to eat at the holiday buffet and less tired when you do work out. 3) Don’t forget to destress. Look for 15 to 30 minutes a day without your phone or technology distractions, to close your eyes, focus on your breathing and shut out the fun but frenetic holiday happenings.