Heading Back to the Gym: Five Steps for Summer Success

Heading Back to the Gym: Five Steps for Summer Success

Heading Back to the Gym: Five Steps for Summer Success

Heading Back to the Gym: Five Steps for Summer Success

It’s great news that many gyms around the country re-opened their doors safely to members over the past week or so. And others are planning to take the step soon. So as we all transition at our own pace and comfort level from solely home workouts back to the studio or a mix of home and away fitness, what are the things to keep in mind? The simple steps to ensuring a successful summer of fitness and beyond?

Get your mind right – and your questions answered

It’s only natural for us all to be focused on safety more than fitness right now. How do you exercise and stay socially distanced from other class members? Does my gym have a concrete plan in place for keeping things clean and members safe? The answer is most likely yes – and yes. Gyms across the country have spent months on protocols, physical changes to lobbies and sanitizer stations. But before you begin signing up for classes, it’s a good idea to see for yourself. Stop in if your club is open, check your fitness studio, read their protocols and ask managers any question you need to make your return to the club easy going and safe.

Start slower than you think you should

On-demand home fitness classes and workouts can be just as intense as in-studio, live instructor-led sessions, but it’s probably a good idea to make a plan that allows you to transition back to your old schedule over the course of several weeks or months. Start with a couple of classes a week, or just one, for several weeks and add specialist workouts and other activities back into the mix as you feel comfortable and ready. In-studio class sizes will be smaller for social distancing and there may be fewer on the schedule, so maintain a good balance of on-demand virtual classes to make sure you’re getting the workout, conditioning and calorie burn you feel you need without having to rely solely on a spot in every class.

 Stick to past successes and workouts

Now is not the time to try something new. Being back in the studio will take a week or two of adjustment. So stick to favorite classes and activities that are second nature to you from your old schedule. It will make the transition seamless, smooth and familiar. Then spend time looking for cross training program, digital content and other sessions you can add to the mix to build the best summer workout schedule.

Understand the gym goes wherever you go now

As your club reopens, don’t be fooled into thinking things are the same. The last few months saw massive strides forward in home, on-demand digital fitness content delivery through solutions like FLEX from FitnessOnDemand. We’re in a new, golden age of digital fitness content delivery that means you can take part in the same program, class or activity in studio or at home and make your gym now go wherever you are: home, back at work, on the go.

Stretch and Wind Down

Lastly, whether you’ve been working out consistently at home during lockdown or not, don’t forget to build into your new summer schedule stretches, winddowns and time for meditation and relaxation. Think about mind and body and look after both for the best results ahead.