FitnessOnDemand announces collaboration with Marriott Bonvoy®

FitnessOnDemand announces collaboration with Marriott Bonvoy®
Program Offers Member Fitness and Mental Health Content in Hotels across Europe, Middle East & Africa

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Exciting news from overseas this week as we announce FitnessOnDemand’s collaboration with Marriott Bonvoy®, Marriott International’s travel program and marketplace. Through the program hotel travellers will gain free access to a wide range of virtual fitness classes and wellness content that they can enjoy on vacation – from their hotel rooms, the beach, pool, or hotel gym. The collaboration covers more than 450 hotel properties in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The move follows research into the fitness habits and preferences of guests on vacation conducted in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, South Africa, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Members at participating hotels will gain access to FitnessOnDemand’s classes, workouts, and mental health content either online or via the FitnessOnDemand app, giving full flexibility to members to work out how and when they choose. Guests are offered a seven-day access of the FitnessOnDemand workout platform every time they stay at a participating hotel.

To enrol in Marriott Bonvoy and discover how to blend travel with staying on track with exercise Marriott Bonvoy should visit To access FitnessOnDemand, members simply scan a QR code provided by each participating hotel, complete their registration details to receive a verification email and connect online or via the app. Although Marriott Bonvoy members receive a complimentary seven-day access to the platform on each hotel stay, they have the option to continue using it longer by subscribing for $5.99/month via the mobile app on any iOS or Android device.


More about the survey

Results from the research show that one fifth of all U.K. travellers feel unfit if they fail to work out while traveling and, of those that do workout 42% said that they exercise on vacation because it is good for their mental wellbeing and helps them to return home in a better state of mind. A third of South Africans (33%) believe exercise allows them to spend time alone and prioritize their self-care. Yoga and mindful meditation are particularly important to hotel guests across the different countries, with the majority saying they would like to take up yoga and to try meditation on vacation but feel they don’t have access to the tools they need.

The survey also revealed different approaches to exercise habits while on vacation across the countries. The British were the most idle with only 53% saying they work out on vacation, in comparison to over the 90% of residents of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia who proactively work out while away. Three quarters of Italians and Spanish travellers make a conscious effort to exercise on holiday, with a third of those not normally working out at home, showing an increased interest in fitness while away. It seems that French travellers most like to indulge on holiday, with a third exercising because they feel the need to burn off the extra calories they consume through the food and alcohol they consume while away. Despite the best of intentions, seven in 10 Germans (71%) who exercise on holiday have suffered a workout faux pas, with nearly a quarter (23%) getting lost when going for a run or cycle in the local area