FitnessOnDemand Launches New Comprehensive Fitness Experience App for Facilities to Empower Users

FitnessOnDemand Launches New Comprehensive Fitness Experience App for Facilities to Empower Users

FitnessOnDemand Launches New Comprehensive Fitness Experience App for Facilities to Empower Users

Delivers tangible business impact with customizable branding; user challenges; personalized fitness coaching and easy notifications

MINNEAPOLIS, June 5, 2023 – FitnessOnDemand™ – a world leader in the curation of premium fitness content – today announced the launch of its next-generation, member experience app for clubs, fitness facilities and their members. The app works seamlessly with FitnessonDemand’s live-streaming and on-demand content platform and creates fully-immersive fitness experiences that help fitness operators retain users to build both their brands and bottom lines.

The new app provides users with instant access to live-streamed events and classes as well as more than 1,000 high-engagement, empowering workouts and specialty classes from the world’s leading instructors plus curated content of emerging fitness trends and boutique brands. Designed to elevate every user’s fitness journey, features include personalized coaching, tailor made programs, real-time fitness progress tracking. Users can also easily connect to social channels to share their progress, data and content to their channels and with friends or other members.

“This is a major step from being one of the world’s top apps for fitness content to doing so much more for both fitness businesses and their customers,” said Uday Anumalachetty, divisional vice president, Fitness on Demand. “For fitness facilities it’s a powerful tool to engage users with a fully branded ecosystem of constant contact, curated content, streaming events and comprehensive fitness and wellness information. And for users it’s one-touch, fully-branded access to all of the inspiration, motivation and information they need to live their fullest, healthiest and fittest lives wherever they choose to work out.”  

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    • Challenges – facilities can simply create and easily run empowering, engaging challenges for users. The app includes default settings for readymade challenges or clubs can create and customize their own. Simply name the challenge, write a short description and choose milestones like number of steps or miles achieved. Users are rewarded with points for achievements which are shown on the leaderboard.


    • Notifications – easy for managers to control, this feature allows facilities to issue date-based notifications for events and challenges, to notify users about milestones achieved, or promote upcoming events. The feature comes with default and customizable settings.


    • Customizable branding – no code needed, the app can now be branded to any facility’s logo and color palette, keeping fitness brands in front of users at all times.


    • Programs, workouts and exercise tracking – users now take a short survey during onboarding which then creates customized workout journeys, suggests different daily workouts, and allows them to automatically track and report progress.

“We worked with clubs, fitness facilities and members and incorporated all of their real world feedback into months of design to create the ultimate fitness app that drives tangible results for businesses and creates exceptional, branded experiences for their users,” adds Anumalachetty. “This is now an immersive environment that more fully engages members with live streaming classes, extensive and easily accessed on-demand content, fitness and nutrition information and all kinds of personalized content and communications between users and their clubs. All of this keeps the daily member experience fresh and engaging – which we all know is a key component to member retention and building business.”

The new app from Fitness on Demand is available immediately to all current customers.

Sales Webinar-Sept. 28 2023