Getting the most from your building’s fitness system – your questions answered with Marina Rodriguez

This month In the Spotlight goes behind the scenes at FitnessOnDemand with our very own Marina Rodriguez, Customer Success Manager. Marina helps hundreds of multi-family property operators across the country get the most from their FitnessOnDemand platform every month. We asked her for her top tips for engaging residents and helping them live their healthiest lives yet, so you didn’t have to.


Q: Marina you talk to all kinds of multi-family housing operators: what’s the one thing they say about their FitnessOnDemand systems?

 There’s obviously a lot of enthusiasm for the platform, that’s never in question. I hear from a lot of building operators and fitness facility managers that they love the easy functionality and minimal maintenance of the system especially when they’re busy dealing with resident requests, maintenance, finance and everything else that goes with the job.


Q: How can operators get more out of their systems when it comes to engaging residents?

I always tell people the more you make your system easy to use and the more you promote it to residents, the greater the value from the start. Lots of people feel intimated going to the gym – even the one in their own building – but using FitnessOnDemand to stream classes directly to residents apartments can get them interested in your content and class offerings so they become more comfortable and familiar with the classes and may even start coming to the facility. Use your website, social media and app to help people know what is available in the content library. Cycling classes, or instructor guided workouts to do on their own, or your facility’s treadmill and all kinds of new, trendy workouts from celebrity instructors and brands around the world. Let residents know there’s something for any interest and ability level.


Q:  Can you use FitnessOnDemand to stream other content?

Yes! Most people don’t know that – and it’s becoming hugely popular as a tool to add extra value for residents. Some of my clients in New York used our platform to host classes with an Italian chef and stream directly to residents using FitnessOnDemand’s Flex app. Residents followed along on their phones and tablets. Some buildings are doing regular maintenance team workshops and streaming how-to’s on things like furnace checks, home repair and even decorating tips. This kind of thing is becoming very popular in states with long winters with building operators creating a schedule of streamed content and virtual events for residents to take part in. It’s all about being creative and building community that keeps residents feeling engaged and involved.


Q: What should people do to find out more information and tips to get the most out of FitnessOnDemand?

Go to your customer tools portal on Fitness OnDemand where you’ll find all kinds of marketing tools for use, as well as ideas on how to engage residents. Or call your Customer Success Manager – or me – and anyone us will be happy to do a full demo on features you might be missing or don’t know about. We can spotlight the features and new content that are being added and make suggestions for doing virtual events or incorporating your system into things like building fitness challenges, fun days and fundraisers.


Q: What’s one piece of advice you’d leave with clients about FitnessOnDemand?

That’s easy. You probably don’t know all of the incredible things your system can do to engage residents and help them feel part of a community, but we’re here to help. Email or call us today.