Happy, healthy and holistic: Help guests exercise smarter and relax better with tech.

Happy, healthy and holistic: Help guests exercise smarter, relax better with tech.

Wellness is an important part of the modern hotel experience. Hotels of all kinds are offering guests wellness-focused amenities during their stay. And, like most things today, this experience can be augmented by the right technology.

Guest experience must be achieved throughout the hotel simply because that is what they expect.

Andrew Evenson, Senior Director, Operations and Brand Strategy, FitnessOnDemand™ spoke on this topic with Hotel Business recently. “It’s about accessibility. Whether that’s in the fitness facility or whether that’s in room, consumers now are used to having that accessibility. We have people who have multiple gym memberships—you might be a member of a boutique club, and then you’re also a member of a 24-hour, low-cost club. Plus, you’re supplementing your workout with videos at home. People expect that accessibility, so instead of having a limited amount of equipment in a fitness facility, people want to be able to access what they want when they want it.”


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