Most Popular Fitness Classes in October 2023

Most Popular Fitness Classes in October 2023

Most Popular Fitness Classes in October 2023

Exciting News from Fitness on Demand: Top 25 Trending Fitness Classes in October!

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to unveil the most popular and sought-after fitness classes that took our platform by storm in the month of October. At Fitness on Demand, we’re all about keeping you engaged, entertained, and empowered on your fitness journey. Without further ado, here are the top 25 fan-favorite classes that had everyone breaking a sweat and having a blast:


1. FitFusion: Beginner Shred – Workout 1

Whether you’re looking to start exercising for the first time ever or get back into it, Jillian Michaels Beginner Shred has you covered! Jillian Michaels Beginner Shred is a comprehensive 30-day exercise plan to help you kickstart your weight loss journey, dramatically transforming not just your physique but also your level of fitness and self-confidence.


2. POPSUGAR: Bollywood Dance Workout

BollyX shares a Bollywood-inspired cardio dance you can have a blast with while burning calories.


3. Sweat Factor: 30-Minute Strength Circuit Routine

John Peel brings you a 30-minute low-impact circuit strength workout. You’ll work through 3 different circuits that combine full-body compound moves with isolated strength exercises. Grab your dumbbells & get ready to put in work with John!



Classic step with simple cardio and plyometric combos. Hit the beat… feel the burn!


5. POPSUGAR – Day 2: Assess Your Speed w/ This 30 Min Workout

This workout is all about improving your speed and agility. It’s led by fitness trainer and world-champion track athlete Jasmine Blocker, who knows a thing or two about speed! She’s joined by class members Poofy Moffitino and Paulyn Baens. To make the most of it, take note of how many reps you can get through in each set!



These classes are just a glimpse of the vast range of high-quality, premium digital fitness experiences available on Fitness On Demand. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting your journey, there’s something for everyone. Keep challenging yourself, pushing your limits, and having fun on your fitness journey. Remember, it’s all about engaging, entertaining, and empowering YOU. We can’t wait to see what amazing fitness journeys you embark on next! Stay tuned for more exciting updates and classes coming your way.

Class NameProviderInstructor
6.30 Minute Ride 18SH1FTWill Brereton
7.20-Minute Feel Good FlowSweat FactorFrances Flores
8.Full Body SculptPhysique57Morgan
9.STR1KE 02: ROCKYSH1FTIman Metwally
10.30-Minute Nonstop StrengthSweat FactorSarah Kusch
11.30-Minute Dance Cardio & Toning WorkoutPOPSUGARTriana Cristobal,Sarah Rector
12.ABSolutely Core CrazyPhysique57Spencer
13.Arms and AbsPhysique57Neil
14.Strength Total Body 30mins with Cailtin #2Wellness SolutionsCaitlin Gleeson
15.10 Minute FULL BODY STRETCHSH1FTSam Rider
16.BODYSHRED™ MMA KickboxingFitFusionNatalie Yco,Keith Johnson,Jaime McFaden
17.Beginner Pilates 30mins with Claire #2Wellness SolutionsClaire Norgate
18.Cardio Aerobics 30mins with Greg #1Wellness SolutionsGreg Sellar
19.36 Min Beginners Pilates | Full BodyGymRaMonica Gymra Instructor
20.Dance Fit FirePhysique57Kameica
21.10-Minute Abs BlasterSweat FactorJena Kirmse
22.30-Minute Full Body Strength BlastSweat FactorGideon Akande
23.30 Minute Classic Rhythm Ride - EDMThe Cadence ClubGabriella Guevara
24.30-Minute HIIT90 Bodyweight BurnSweat FactorBetina Gozo
25.25-Minute Pilates Ab WorkoutSweat FactorJeni DelPozo