Most Popular Virtual Fitness Classes in April 2022

Here at FitnessOnDemand we offer thousands of classes of high-quality, premium digital fitness content from some of the world’s leading names and experts in personalized fitness. Of the many options we have to offer, lets take a look at our top 25 most popular virtual fitness classes from April 2022.


1. Sweat Factor: 20-Minute Abs & Core Finisher

Gideon Akande leads you through this hard-hitting core finisher! You’ll target every section of your abs: upper, lower, obliques… even your deeper core muscles. Attack your abs from every angle with this quick & efficient routine from Gideon!


2. POPSUGAR: 10-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Knock out this quick and efficient workout in just 10 minutes with fitness trainer Mercedes Owens. Challenge your entire body with high-intensity intervals of lunges, squats, and mountain climbers. There’s no equipment needed to do this routine, so you can easily fit this workout in anytime or anywhere!


3. DailyBurn: No Crunch Necessary 

This 12 minute workout will push your core to its limit with no crunches necessary. Grab a towel and some water because Anja is going to make you sweat through this Inferno Challenge.


4. POPSUGAR: 27-Minute Dance Cardio Workout With Amanda Kloots

NYT bestselling author and fitness trainer Amanda Kloots brings cardio dance routines that are also sneaky core workouts. Feel the music, and get ready to jump it out.


5. SH1FT: R1DE 7

Blend power and pace in this 30 minute HIIT RIDE, designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time.


Check out the rest of the top 25 and try out a new virtual class today!

Class NameProvider
6. 30-Minute HIIT Bodyweight BurnSweat Factor
7. 30-Minute Barre x Pilates FusionSweat Factor
8. Cycling: 20 Min Easy Ride w/ BernardFitscope
9. 15-Minute Abs & Core BurnoutSweat Factor
10. Full Body Burn Lyonel ReneauSweatworking
11. Kenta Seki: Hard Core AbsFitFusion
12. 20-Minute HIIT Strength WorkoutSweat Factor
14. Combo ChallengeDailyBurn
15. 30-Minute Relax & RestorePOPSUGAR
16. 30-Minute Low-Impact HIIT With LIT MethodPOPSUGAR
17. 10-Minute Arm Workout With Amanda KlootsPOPSUGAR
18. 20 Minute Rhythm Ride - Latin BeatsThe Cadence Club
19. Upper Body ChallengeDailyBurn
20. 30-Minute HIIT Bodyweight BurnoutSweat Factor
21. MOVE! 90's Hip HopDailyBurn
23. 20-Minute Detox Yoga FlowSweat Factor
24. 30-Minute Beginner’s Arms and Abs WorkoutPOPSUGAR
25. 20 Minute Rhythm Based Endurance RideThe Cadence Club