Most Popular Virtual Fitness Classes in January 2023

Most Popular Virtual Fitness Classes in January 2023

Most Popular Virtual Fitness Classes in January 2023

Of the many options FitnessOnDemand has to offer, here are the most popular virtual fitness classes from January 2023. We offer thousands of high-quality, premium digital fitness classes from some of the world’s leading names and experts in personalized fitness. Now let’s take a look at this past month’s top 25 most popular.


1. Sweat Factor: 20-Minute Abs & Core Finisher

Gideon Akande leads you through this hard-hitting core finisher! You’ll target every section of your abs: upper, lower, obliques… even your deeper core muscles. Attack your abs from every angle with this quick & efficient routine from Gideon!


2. SH1FT: R1DE 14

30 Minutes of high intensity, low impact cardio on any bike. Boutique cycling meets performance riding in this unique fitness experience.


3. POPSUGAR: 30-Minute Low-Impact HIIT With LIT Method

Get ready to sweat with Justin and Taylor Norris of LIT Method! This 30-minute workout is designed with low-impact exercises that will give you a good workout without placing too much stress on your joints. This workout will get you moving while also focusing on muscle recovery, as it includes a warmup and cooldown.


4. Sweat Factor: 20-Minute Athletic Yoga | Upper Body & Core

Angie Stewart leads you through a 20-min yoga strengthening routine — for your upper body & core. You’ll flow between poses to increase mobility in the spine and shoulders while adding core exercises to achieve the perfect blend of strength & mobility.


5. Sweat Factor: 20-Minute Nonstop Abs & Core

AJ Perez delivers a nonstop ab workout. Don’t mind that he says it’s only 10-minutes (you already know trainers don’t know how to count) — just know that you get double the workout, double the fun! You’ll alternate between counted reps and AMRAPs that will totally obliterate your abs & core!


Check out the rest of the top 25 and try out a new virtual class today!

Class NameProvider
7. Mobility YogaDailyBurn
8. 20-Minute Metabolic Bootcamp
Sweat Factor
9. 10-Minute Yoga Deep StretchSweat Factor
10. 10-Minute Core Focused Yoga FlowSweat Factor
11. Stretch Back 10mins with Claire #3Wellness Solutions
12. 30-Minute Hip-Hop Fit WorkoutPOPSUGAR
13. 30-Minute Beginner’s Arms and Abs WorkoutPOPSUGAR
14. Pilates 20 mins with Rebecca #2Wellness Solutions
15. Revolution Vol. 45 - 30PowerMusic
16. Dance 20 mins with Rebecca #2Wellness Solutions
17. Kenta Seki: Hard Core AbsFitFusion
19. R1DE 3SH1FT
20. 30-Minute Relax & Restore
21. Pilates Total body 20mins with Vanessa #1Wellness Solutions
22. R1DE 13SH1FT
23. 10-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout
24. Fit & Flex: Lower Body Pilates
Sweat Factor
25. 20-Minute Total Body Strength CircuitsSweat Factor