Most Popular Virtual Fitness Classes in July

Here at FitnessOnDemand we offer thousands of classes of high-quality, premium digital fitness content from some of the world’s leading names and experts in personalized fitness. Of the many options we have to offer, lets take a look at our top 25 most popular virtual fitness classes from July 2021.


1. Sweat Factor: Beginner Burn: Cardio

Jaime McFaden guides you through a quick & effective cardio workout designed to spike your heart rate with little to no impact.


2. GymRa: 15 Minute Abs Workout

15 min abs Virtual Fitness

Try this 15 minutes abs workout to target every muscle in your abdominal wall. Challenge your core from every angle, making you stronger in everything you do. If you’ve always wanted a sleek, toned, sexy stomach then this is the workout for you!



R1DE Virtual FitnessLose yourself in the music as you ride to the beat. CAUTION: May cause strong feelings of Euphoria


4. POPSUGAR: 30-Minute Booty, Thigh, and Abs Workout

Tighten and tone your butt and legs with this no-equipment workout from Victoria’s Secret model trainer Stephen Pasterino. His P.Volve method focuses on building long, lean muscle tone and eliminating bulk. Get ready to work your body in a new way.


5. Fitscope: Cycling: 45 Min Adv Rhythm Ride with Brinn

Cycling 45 Min Adv Rhythm Ride with Brinn L

In this advanced level class, Brinn builds both strength and endurance with several hard power climbs as well as fast sprints, and evens combines the two for uphill sprints! She also makes use of crunches and other choreo for a full body workout.




Class NameProvider
6. Tone + Shred Abs
7. Yellowstone National ParkBike-O-Vision
8. Beautiful Glow - Ride the World (voice-guided)Intelligent Cycling
9. 20-Minute HIIT Strength WorkoutSweat Factor
11.Burn 300 Calories in 30 Minutes with Latin DancePOPSUGAR
12. 4x4 Fat LossBrett Hoebel
13. Bollywood Dance WorkoutPOPSUGAR
14. 20-Minute Abs & Core FinisherSweat Factor
15. Gotta Let Go - Ride the World (voice-guided)Intelligent Cycling
16. Lake Como ItalyBike-O-Vision
17. Cycle MaxCathe Friedrich
18. Yoga 10min with Trish #8Move123
19. Julia's Fat Scorching CardioGymRa
20. 30-Minute Relax & RestorePOPSUGAR
21. Top of the Rockies, Colorado
Induro Cycling
22. Beginner Burn: Upper BodySweat Factor
24. REVOLUTION Vol. 31Power Music
25. Dancer Refined AbsSleek Technique



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