Automation and Personalization Lead the Trending Topics at NAA 2019

Everyone’s Talking at NAA–and it’s all About Automation and Personalization

NAA Apartmentalize 2019 Denver

Our team just returned from Denver, CO. and Apartmentalize, the industry’s national gathering of multi-housing brands, businesses and leaders. And we were blown away – thousands of business leaders, brands and thinkers talking about the trends and issues rapidly shaping the multi-housing industry around us. We were busy at our own booth fielding questions about what on-demand fitness can bring to commercial properties and the experience of residents, but here’s a quick primer on the most talked about topics from the aisles and conference rooms.

Gen Z is out of their parent’s basement and looking for leases. But they’re a generation raised in front of multiple screens, surrounded by social media and granted almost instant gratification, so their demands are very different to previous customer bases. Digital, social and real-world engagement is critical, as is the need for property managers to move quickly within their shorter attention span. What else did we see and hear? Almost too much to mention, but everyone we spoke with, sessions we attended all spot lit one major trend. Personalization.

The successful multi-housing manager of the future (and really today) absolutely must differentiate their property’s offerings, to personalize the experience and create a strong connection between resident and brand. For us that’s all about on-demand fitness – in a number of ways. We’re helping property managers offer stand out technology that positions their properties on the forefront of lifestyle trends as well as content that’s customized and convenient for every resident.

So that’s wind down meditation after a long day to stream wherever and whenever in the building. Plus, fitness classes featuring emerging trends and workouts curated by the world’s best fitness gurus. Unique classes for the personal fitness goals of any resident. Even better, automation means classes can run on set, repeating cycles without a manager needing to lift a finger, offering total convenience for both residents and properties.

Want to know more about how FOD can help you automate your fitness center and enhance your resident experience, contact us now.


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