New Fitscope Cardio Workouts Available Now

New Fitscope Cardio Workouts Available Now

New Fitscope Cardio Workouts Available Now

This month we’ve released 10 brand new workouts from Fitscope Studio to the FitnessOnDemand platform! These new videos are immediately available for FitnessOnDemand users with their membership!


Get more out of your workout equipment with Fitscope Studio. Classes are designed to maximize time spent on your indoor cycle, treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, and more. Check out a preview as well as link for members of this series below!


Treadmill: Walking: 40 Min Power Walk w/ Meghan

In this low impact power walking class Meghan guides through an intense walk with steep inclines and a few speed walks. Great for burning calories and building those quads & glutes!


Elliptical: 20 Min Rhythm Elliptical w/ Toby

Join Toby for a shorter beginner Rhythm Elliptical™ workout with no inclines and moderate resistances which only increases to the max near the end in a full effort climb to take you through the finish line. The focus of this workout is to keep your speed to the beat of the music, reaching a max speed of 75 RPM. Although these sprints are tightly packed, Toby gives you plenty of time to recover between these intervals. Set to a fun pop playlist.


Recumbent Bike: 30 Min Beg Basics Ride w/ Nika

Join Nika for this beginner recumbent bike ride where she discusses the correct posture and covers the basics of the recumbent bike while focusing on control. The workout is based on resistance, increasing with each interval up to a maximum of 3 out of 5, with plenty of recovery periods in between, at a pace that feels natural to you. Set to a soft pop playlist.


Rowing: 30 Min EMOM Row w/ Lizzie

30 Min advanced row focused on building full body strength, featuring 1 min intervals followed by 1 min recoveries. Set to a pop playlist.


Check out the list of new classes below and try a new Fitscope workout today.

Class NameDifficulty Level
1. Walking: 40 Min The Climb w/ LeeEasy
2. Walking: 40 Min Power Walk w/ Meghan
3. Cycling: 30 Min Hills & Drills Ride w/ Toby
4. Elliptical: 30 Min Get Tough w/ PearlStandard
5. Rowing: 30 Min EMOM Row w/ LizzieAdvanced
6. Cycling: 30 Min Country Rhythm Ride w/ BrinnEasy
7. Cycling: 20 Min Seated HIIT Ride w/ TobyEasy
8. Elliptical: 20 Min Rhythm Elliptical w/ TobyEasy
9. Cycling: 20 Min The Shift Ride w/ LeeAdvanced
10. Rowing: 15 Min Fast & Furious Row w/ TobyAdvanced