New Hike-O-Vision Virtual Content Available Now

FitnessOnDemand is excited to announce the release of 13 new virtual fitness classes from Bike-O-Vision!

Designed for cardio workouts on treadmills and ellipticals, Hike-O-Vision is a natural extension of the Bike-O-Vision series of videos.  It is produced in much the same smooth, immersive style with minimal distractions.  The only major difference (apart from the obvious fast-walking speed vs. Bike-O-Vision’s cycling speed) is the absence of background music, which is replaced with the actual natural sounds of each environment.

Hike-O-Vision simply makes tedious equipment cardio workouts go by much faster, giving you a destination to walk toward.  And like the Bike-O-Vision videos, they don’t have any coaching, extra graphics or unnecessary information on the screen, just some of the best hiking scenery you can imagine.


Soon Hike-O-Vision will be uploading a series of short treks through some fantastic landscapes in the beautiful state of California.  Joshua Tree National Park, Lassen National Park, the restored gold-mining town of Columbia, the Mendocino County Coast, and the Sonoma County Coast are some of the locations to be on the lookout for!

FitnessOnDemand partner facilities can add access to these classes and the entire Bike-O-Vision channel by adding the channel here!


Please see below for a list of all new releases!

Class NameDuration
HIke-O-Vision Pinnacles NP Balcony Caves Trail17 Minutes
Hike-O-Vision Pinnacles High Peaks Trail Part One14 Minutes
Hike-O-Vision Pinnacles High Peaks Trail Part 220 Minutes
Hike-O-Vision Pinnacles NP High Peaks Trail Three15 Minutes
Hike-O-Vision Pinnacles NP Juniper Canyon10 Minutes
Hike-O-Vision Goat Rock State Beach9 Minutes
Hike-O-Vision Armstrong Redwoods10 Minutes
Hike-O-Vision Taylor Mountain Redtail Trail North15 Minutes
Hike-O-Vision Taylor Mountain Redtail Trail South10 Minutes
Hike-O-Vision Salt Point State Park11 Minutes
Hike-O-Vision Jenner Headlands Preserve12 Minutes
Hike-O-Vision Zion National Park9 Minutes
Hike-O-Vision Walter's Wiggles7 Minutes


Preview this new content below and try a new virtual fitness workout today!