New Intelligent Cycling Classes Now Available

FitnessOnDemand is excited to announce the release of 5 new classes to the Intelligent Cycling library.

Let gamification take you into the future. Intelligent Cycling has revolutionized virtual indoor cycling by bringing users into immersive worlds though artificial intelligence.

Videos offered on FitnessOnDemand through three different experiences; Explore fun worlds on voice-guided rides to the prehistoric world of the dinosaurs, through tropical desert landscape, and many more with Ride the World (Voice Guided). Get coached by an on-camera instructor as the screen maps out the ride ahead with Ride Together. Or use the visual backdrop with optional instructor voice over for a turnkey virtual experience for your own ride or instructor led class with Ride the World. Each workout, features on-screen instructions as well as performance indicators to keep you pedaling!



Class Name
Fire Zone
Hang Loose
Riding up that hill!
Road Race
Riding the wave

These 5 new videos are now available on the Intelligent Cycling elective channel to add to your virtual fitness classes!




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