New Workouts from James Crossley Now Available



You may know him as “Hunter, The Ultimate Gladiator” but James Crossley is also a fitness expert and columnist writing for magazines such as Men’s Health, The Telegraph, Cycling World, etc.

You can find James’ “Fit at 40+” here on the FitnessOnDemand platform that includes a Core, HIIT, and Full Body Workouts.

All his life James has stayed in tip-top shape but as he passed the age of 40, he realized the way he was working out needed to change. James has tailored these workouts for the needs of over 40s with slower metabolisms and focusing on problem areas like the lower back, core, and posture due to desk-bound lifestyles.


Fit at 40+ is the result of James’s 30 years of experience with tried and tested workouts for both men and women to keep you fit and healthy and pain-free after 40.

As we age our bodies change and so our workouts need to be adjusted for age-related issues to ensure better results in a safe and efficient way. These workouts will spike your heart rate torching body fat while helping build lean muscles. The sessions are designed to fit into the busiest of lifestyles with variations on length for days when you are pushed for time. Practicing these routines regularly will help you stay healthy, lean and toned.


This month FitnessOnDemand released 3 brand new workouts from James Crossley and are immediately available for all FitnessOnDemand users with their membership!

Class Name
Fit at 40+ with James Crossley - Core Workout
Fit at 40+ with James Crossley - Full Body Workout
Fit at 40+ with James Crossley - HIIT Workout

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