New SH1FT Virtual Fitness Classes Available

FitnessOnDemand released the latest batch of SH1FT content available now!

These 20 new workouts include classes in 3 different SH1FT series with L1FT, R1ZE, and M1ND featuring Full Body Yoga, HIIT Cardio and Strength inspired workouts. FOD offers over 100 SH1FT workouts to your digital workout library and continues to bring monthly updates.

All SH1FT workouts use the principles of six degrees of freedom to create moves that are functional, dynamic and encompass all movement. Many movements do this simultaneously. Every SH1FT workout will move you up and down, side to side, forward and back, with dynamic folds, bends and twists. SH1FT uses body weight exercises sequenced in a unique way to make sure that you push your body to its utmost capabilities. By using explosive movements, quick direction changes and isometric holds you only need 30 minutes to gain an intense workout that will create a leaner, stronger and more capable body.


L1FT workouts sculpt lean muscles and turn you into a fat burning machine long after the workout is over. Workouts use smart, safe and progressive movements to ensure no fitness level is left behind. Every L1FT workout can be modified to accommodate every age and stage of fitness. You’ll torch up to 500 calories in a 30 minute class. And you’ll work hard enough to keep burning extra calories for up to a whole day after your workout.

It’s not just about looking fit, It’s about being fit too. SH1FT will not only improve your fitness, but also strength, mobility, balance, speed and agility (and your abs… if that’s what you’re after).

All workouts are themed, so why not try your luck as an Olympian, a Surfing Champ or a Tennis Ace in one of our sports themed workouts. Or try one of our functional workouts where disciples like Yoga and Pilates meet HIIT training!


This functional mobility series is designed to compliment an active lifestyle. M1ND draws inspiration from sports, yoga, calisthenics and rehabilitation and each unique session can include one or more of these elements. The central theme is connection between mind and movement.

Cardio conditioning and strength training is important, but so is exercise that can establish the optimal mobility and stability relationships in the body. This type of exercise is often overlooked but is essential for staying injury-free and living a healthy and movement filled life. M1ND workouts are specifically designed around the “3 TYs” – flexibility, mobility and stability.


All 20 new videos are immediately available for all FitnessOnDemand users with their membership! Try a new virtual fitness workout with us today!


Class NameDifficulty Level
1. M1ND 10: FULL BODYStandard
2. SH1FT 39: STOP 'N' GOStandard
3. M1ND 6: STEPStandard
4. M1ND 7: LOADStandard
5. M1ND 9: PNFStandard
6. SH1FT 36: 105Standard
7. SH1FT 37: W1MBLEDONStandard
8. L1FT 16: POWERStandard
9. L1FT 15: HOLD STRONGStandard
10. SH1FT 42: HARD GAINS 2Advanced
11. SH1FT 41: BEASTFlex
12. M1ND 11: BAND 2Flex
13. R1ZE 11: PYRAMID SCHEMEStandard
14. SH1FT 38: OLYMP1CSStandard
15. SH1FT 40: THE F WORDFlex
16. L1FT 19: METABOLICStandard
17. L1FT 17: UN1LATERALStandard
18. L1FT 20: PHARAOH'S CURSEStandard