New Sweat Factor Virtual Workouts Available Now

New Sweat Factor Virtual Workouts Available Now


FitnessOnDemand is excited to announce the release of 15 new virtual fitness classes from Sweat Factor! We’ve expanded the libraries of existing trainers Mike Donavanik, Angie Stewart, Jamie McFaden, and Gideon Akande. While we also added a new trainer, AJ Perez.  AJ’s fun and unique approach to boxing and strength training has attracted celebrities and competitive fighters alike including Justin Bieber, Camilla Cabello, Bazzi and Rita Ora. Perez emphasizes the importance of proper technique and looks to help anyone willing to work hard in order to achieve their wellness goals — from beginner to advanced.


Sweat Factor is the brainchild of celebrity trainer and founder Mike Donavanik and has grown rapidly over the past two years. 35 world class trainers offer hundreds of custom classes, workouts and other wellness content covering dumbbell training, body weight workouts, HIIT, abs and core strengthening, lower and upper body focus workouts, kettlebell, strength training and specialist workouts in barre, Yoga, Pilates and prenatal fitness.


All 15 new videos are immediately available for all FitnessOnDemand users with their membership!


Class NameInstructorCategory
1) 15-Minute Fast & Furious EMOMJoshua Al-ChamaaHIIT, Strength
2) 20-Minute Total Body Strength CircuitsGidion AkandeCardio, Strength
3) 15-Minute Calorie Torching CardioMike DonavanikCardio, HIIT
4) 10-Minute Hip Focused Yoga StretchFrances Flores Mind and Body
5) 10-Minute Core Focused Yoga FlowFrances Flores Core, Mind and Body
6) Beginner Burn: 25-Minute Total Body PremixJamie McFadenCardio, Core, Strength
7) 15-Minute Low Impact TabataKenny FerrerHIIT, Strength
8) 20-Minurte Metabolic BootcampPearl FuCardio, HIIT
9) 30-Minute Strength Tabata RemixLeanne PedanteCardio, HIIT, Strength
10) 20-Minute Athletic Yoga Body & CoreAngie Stewart Core, Mind and Body
11) 10-Minute Yoga Deep StretchAngie StewartMind and Body
12) 45-Minute Athletic Yoga FlowAngie StewartMind and Body
13) Flex & Fit: Lower Body PilatesJeni DelPozoMind and Body
14) 20- Minute Nonstop Abs & CoreAJ PerezCore
15) 25-Minute Box N’ Burn BootcampAJ PerezCardio, Kickboxing

Preview this new content below and try a new virtual fitness workout today!


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