August Most Played Virtual Fitness

Of the many options FitnessOnDemand has to offer, here are the most popular virtual fitness classes from August 2021. We thousands of high-quality, premium digital fitness classes from some of the world’s leading names and experts in personalized fitness. Now let’s take a look at this past month’s top 25 most popular.   1. Bike-O-Vision: […]

Streaming Virtual Fitness

And we’re live! Exciting news today for all club operators and fitness facility managers looking to give members even more high quality, live fitness experiences wherever they work out. Introducing FitnessOnDemand’s new Live Streaming feature that enables clubs to offer the very best in live instructor-led, as well as third party, fitness classes, and content […]

Olympics Virtual Fitness

Four Training Lessons from Tokyo 2020 Tokyo 2020 was packed with amazing athletic performances, big wins and surprises. But maybe one of the biggest takeaways for anyone watching and assessing their own workout programs or fitness goals is a renewed sense of inspiration. That doesn’t mean getting on a podium in four years (or ever), […]

Virtual Fitness

This month’s behind the scenes look at the people of FitnessOnDemand jumps the pond to talk with UK-based Steve Perrins.   Q: Steve, you’ve been in the UK fitness industry for “a while” now, is that right? Yes! If you call a while, since the late 1980s. I started my career and interest in fitness […]

SH1FT Virtual Fitness

You don’t need me to tell you the fitness content world has exploded in the last year. Live classes blend with mobile content in the club; social media live streams at home, and on-demand classes or technique tips wherever and whenever we all want to experience it. That means two things: ultra-convenience for members, but […]

Club Operator Series Virtual Fitness

Get Digital on the Schedule for Best Member Experience Every day, every week, every month. One of the toughest jobs in club operations is scheduling classes. It’s a careful balance between free studio space, instructor availability and member demand for types of class. Get it wrong and a class or a club can encounter real […]

Virtual Fitness

Here at FitnessOnDemand we offer thousands of classes of high-quality, premium digital fitness content from some of the world’s leading names and experts in personalized fitness. Of the many options we have to offer, lets take a look at our top 25 most popular virtual fitness classes from July 2021.   1. Sweat Factor: Beginner […]

Cutting the Cord on Your Workouts If you’re watching Apple TV’s (incredibly funny) new 80s show Physical, about the rise of aerobics, you’ll see a textbook accurate look at what group classes used to look like until not that long ago. The only way to workout was at the gym in the studio behind closed […]

Future of Fitness Virtual

This past month we pulled together a panel of experts for Club Industry’s Future of Fitness virtual roundtable to discuss what we’re calling the new principles of the Virtually Anywhere Fitness model. Insider tips from content producers, club operators and health and wellness leaders. If you missed the live stream, here are some insights and […]

Checking In Virtual Fitness

This year’s business and vacation travel season is (mercifully) looking a lot different to 2020. The TSA by May was reporting in excess of 2 million checkpoint visitors a day and global hotel occupancy jumped from 31 to 46 percent between January and April of this year alone. Summer is already even busier. The good […]