Optimizing Fitness Club Cardio Equipment with Fitscope Classes

Optimizing Club Cardio Equipment with Fitscope Fitness Classes

When it comes to finding new ways to engage more members with all of the many offerings at the gym, fitness club operators may be leaving an opportunity on the table. Now more, new, fitness content and classes designed specifically to help optimize use of cardio equipment are here to help. FitnessOnDemand just expanded our partnership with Fitscope, one of the absolute leaders in the field of instructor-led, inspirational classes and workouts designed for treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and other standard club cardio equipment.


The new class additions brings the Fitscope library to 50+ individual classes and fitness workouts which don’t require any added screens, expensive upgrades to cardio equipment for operators, or subscriptions for members. Gym-goers simply find an open treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike, open the free FitnessOnDemand app and choose from any one of the many premium guided video workouts to follow. All are now available on the FOD library for any member to use in the club, or even stream at home and use with their own fitness equipment.


One key feature of every class includes the addition of an effort bar, an onscreen graphic for any user to rate performance and intensity levels during any workout. It’s also possible to look ahead at upcoming parts of the class, determine how intense they may become (or not), and calibrate the amount of energy being expended pedaling, running or rowing accordingly. An easy, simple feature that helps every member ride hard to the finish line, or ease their pace to have the satisfaction of completing the class on their terms.


Check out the new Fitscope class offerings today and make sure to let your members know that there’s an exciting new way to really power up, and get excited about, their equipment-based workouts.