Programming Spotlight: PLYOGA Fitness

Programming Spotlight: PLYOGA Fitness

PLYOGA is a 4 part interval training system using the benefits of fundamental & accelerated yoga as an active recovery for plyometric (reactive) movement.

PLYOGA brings together two worlds of fitness in many different ways. Yoga is a remarkable active recovery for plyometrics, making the unlikely pair of disciplines a great combination. A true Yin and Yang effect.

Consider how many people attend Yoga every day who would never venture into a significantly quick paced segment of athletic movements. Even more, think about how many athletes who use interval training every day and forget about the essential core and flexibility aspects that yoga offers.

Bring them all together because this is the best of both worlds!

PLYOGA Fitness brings to life a perfect merge, using a very carefully constructed format of movements to enhance your workout. PLYOGA promises to bring you past your goals by emphasizing flexibility, strength, balance, agility, and overall cardiovascular health all in one.

Check out the video below to see PLYOGA in action. Subscribe to the PLYOGA Fitness elective channel on Fitness On Demand™ to offer this fun, results-driven training system at your facility.