Three Steps to Avoid Turkey Trouble this Thanksgiving

Three Steps to Avoid Turkey Trouble this Thanksgiving

You probably don’t want to hear this but the average Thanksgiving dinnerplate is a whopping 3,000 calorie marathon. And if you’re thinking, “no problem” I’ll run that off later the crash after that carb and sugar load will have you napping before you can grab your Nikes. Long story short, if you’re in a great workout groove, or if you’re committed to getting in shape, the Thanksgiving weekend is going to be a speed bump that can derail your plans and your progress. But don’t worry, following a few quick steps can minimize the blow and get you back on track in no time.


Cut yourself some travel slack

It’s possible you’re one of 50 million Americans who travel for Thanksgiving. So say goodbye to your regular gym schedule, or even any kind of schedule. Between late night flights, long drives and the constant interruptions of other family members travel plans, arrivals and departures, there’s often nothing consistent or set about the Thanksgiving weekend. So find a little exercise time when you can. If you indulge yourself with a holiday weekend lie-in, set an alarm and grab an hour to go for a walk or run before the craziness starts.


Take your gym with you

There was a time when being out of town meant leaving everything behind. But most gyms and clubs now offer some form of mobile app and related on-demand content. Whether it’s FitnessOnDemand in your pocket, or a club app, get it out and put it to work whenever you can find 30 minutes. Try a late-night guided meditation to destress from too much family time, or a high energy HIIT class first thing in the morning to get the blood pumping and your heart rate up. Experts say as little as a half hour every day can make a huge difference in physical and mental well-being.


Pack Light but workout

Instead of stuffing your suitcase or bag exclusively with flannels and sweat pants for a couchbound weekend, save a little room for some smart travel exercise must-have’s. A pack, small ultra-lite yoga mat can make anywhere a little more studio-like. Resistance bands from brands like Gym Shark take no room at all but can be used for literally dozens of resistance-based full body workouts. Try your own or pull up an instructor guided session on your FOD or club app. If you’re more adventurous still for your holiday workouts, there are a ton of water-fill or sand-fill dumbbell and kettlebell options online now. Pack them flat in your bag, fill after you arrive and you’re ready to sweat.


Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be mean over indulging and forgetting about your fitness goals. But even if it does happen, it’s only a few days. You’ll be back in class or working out in no time.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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