The Buzz: Meeting Member’s Needs – Virtually Anywhere

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Each month we ask club customers and managers of others fitness facilities what are the burning issues, the questions on their minds:


Q: “How can I make sure members in my club and at home get the same great experience and the same access to our services during Covid-19?”

A: What we’re all looking for is what the industry is calling the Hybrid Club. A true, balance of on-site and in club offerings with virtual classes and on-demand content of all types that members can access anywhere: at home, on the go, or around in the club to conduct their own private workout sessions. Digital content and virtual fitness experiences have been growing for the past few years, but the onset of the pandemic in 2020 really kicked member needs – and club operator digital offerings into high gear. Here are the three tips for optimizing hybrid offerings

  1. Create exceptional fitness experiences virtually anywhere – not every member is back in the club and those that are may not be working out on their old schedules. Hybrid Club operations is about ensuring every member whether they’re at home, on the club floor or in a live-instructor-led class is enjoying the same, seamless, quality of experience with your club and fitness content wherever they need it, whenever they work out.
  2. Deliver diverse content in-class and on-screen – keeping members engaged during changing times is essential. You’re already offering HIIT, Core-Strength, Cycling and all kinds of cardio classes in studio; make sure you do the same with your virtual content portfolio so members can dial up a work out that excites and interests them. Make new different formats available too. Many clubs are now offering members content that includes 60-second solo exercises for form, 7-12 minute mini sessions and full 30- and 60-minute classes.
  3. Socialize the experience physically and digitally – clubs are about connection, with like-minded members, expert instructors and our own goals. Create opportunities for Covid-safe member interaction in your club and find ways to socialize the digital experience too. Leaderboards for fitness goals, social groups for digital class attendees and virtual class offerings like cycling that encourage “group” workouts in the virtual space.