Work(out) From Home Strategies

Work(out) From Home Strategies

Work(out) From Home Strategies

If you’re not a front line essential industry worker right now, you’re most likely stuck at home. It can be tough to keep to daily exercise habits during times of change or upheaval, but maintaining a routine can actually help reduce stress. And following these few simple steps will keep your home workouts energizing, engaging and on track until the gym opens again.



Five Components of a Great Workout

When you’re at the club you don’t really think about what makes up a great workout because you’re in your groove, headed to a class with an instructor or you’re following a guided virtual class onscreen. But at home it’s a good idea to be more conscious of all the elements that make a workout fun, safe and effective. There are five key parts:

  • A good warm-up to get the heart rate up and your blood pumping
  • Aerobic cardiovascular exercise to burn calories
  • Resistance exercises with weights or bands to build strength
  • Mobility movements for safety and range of motion
  • A cool-down to gradually return your heart rate and muscles to normal 

Out of all of these warm-up and cool down/stretching are critical to getting the most out of your home workout and staying healthy and strong for the next one tomorrow.


Mix it Up to Stay Motivated

virtual fitness home workout

It’s likely that your family room or basement is your new, temporary workout space – and that can be a little unmotivating compared to everything your club offers. So motivation and staying energized comes down to the types and variety of workouts you choose. Try making a five day plan at the weekend, for the week ahead, and rotate through workout types: abs and core workouts one day to build overall strength; HIIT sessions to burn calories; and some Yoga or Pilates for balance and overall toning. If your gym is a FitnessOnDemand member they can use FLEX to share the same club classes and workout content you experience at the gym with you while you’re at home. Classes can play over your phone, laptop or smart TV. Some clubs have other options, but the best way to stay on track is finding a consistent library of classes and content that are easy to follow and easy to enjoy day to day – as opposed to hunting around on YouTube for something suitable.


Don’t Forget to Get Outside

Even if your neighborhood is limiting movement right now or practicing social distancing, solo daily exercise or with a family member is allowed. A short neighborhood run of just 20 or 30 minutes a few times a week can quickly become addictive. Running obviously burns calories and helps you maintain a healthy weight, but it also improves muscle tone and mass and helps boost your cardiovascular strength. Not to mention the simple pleasure of being outside in the fresh air and sunshine, which can go a long way to helping destress you as you blow off the cobwebs.


Record – and Share – Your Progress

The gym is a highly sociable workout environment and it’s easy to miss that. So look for ways to connect virtually with your at-home workout friends. Many virtual cycling classes and running workouts are socially connected and enable you to connect with other users. Or shoot a fun video of your workouts and share with friends over social media. Staying connected is easier than ever – even while the gym doors are closed.

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